Feline Exam Room

Attention cat owners! Have you had a chance to experience our new feline only exam room? This room was designed with cats in mind and is a big step toward becoming an even more cat-friendly practice. The exam room is at the far end of the building and separated from all other areas by two doors. This dampens the ambient hospital noise and provides a quiet space for your kitty to explore. Many cats are attracted to the cubby built into the exam table. This space is covered on all but one side, so your cat can feel more secure while still allowing our veterinarians to examine them. Adventurous cats enjoy looking out the large windows and watching birds in the window feeder.

The cat-only exam room is also designed so that almost all procedures can be done without leaving the room. Moving to new areas is inherently stressful for cats, so our ability to keep them in one place during the veterinary visit helps minimize anxiety. We also have a cat-only waiting area just outside the exam room, which gives owners a close and comfortable place to sit while procedures are done in the room. If necessary, this also provides a secluded alternative to waiting in our lobby so that cats can avoid encounters with other cats, human strangers, and dogs. 

Has your kitty had a veterinary exam within the past year? If not, call to schedule a routine exam and see what a difference a cat-friendly environment can make for them.

Feline waiting area and exam room entrance.

Feline exam room with a window bird feeder and a cubby for hiding below the exam table.

Feline exam room with a window bird feeder and a cubby for hiding below the exam table.

Another view of our feline-only exam room.

Scroll through these photos to see some of our feline patients exploring areas of the cat exam room! Many cats prefer to hide during their exam and we also accommodate those kitties by examining them in their carriers. 

Newsletter: Fall 2017

The Fall edition of the WVH newsletter is here! The final segment of our feline behavior series is full of helpful tips to make your cat's trip to the vet less stressful. You will also read about (and get a glimpse of) our new feline only exam room! This exciting new addition to our clinic allows us to be an even more cat-friendly hospital.  There are also a few policy reminders and recommendations from our doctors. 

Newsletter: Summer 2017

The summer edition of the WVH newsletter is here and we are thrilled to introduce our newest veterinarian, Dr. Christina Butler! This edition also includes a focus on canine influenza, updates on outbreaks, and vaccine recommendations. In addition, you will find the third installment of our feline behavior series, which discusses inter-cat aggression and provides tips to diffuse tension in your home.