ATTENTION Voluntary Food Recall

ATTENTION RECALL NOTICE: 14 Hill's prescription diets and 11 Hill's Science Diet SKUs have been voluntarily recalled due to potentially elevated Vitamin D levels. Symptoms include lethargy, inappetence, vomiting, diarrhea, and increased thirst/urinating. These symptoms should resolve once the diet is discontinued but may require some veterinary care.

There are 6 additional diets that were also voluntarily recalled because the levels of Vitamin D do not meet the product specifications; however, the levels in these diets do not pose a safety risk to your pet.

If you are feeding your pet one of the diets on this recall list please discontinue using the food. If you purchased your food from Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital please stop in to return or exchange your food.

Only canned food was affected by the recall so there were no kibble diets affected. Please consult the lists below to see if you’re using any of the affected diets and then check the SKU and lot numbers to see if they match your cans.

Appendix A lists the diets that could cause illness in animals. If your pet has been eating one of these diets and is showing symptoms of being ill, please discontinue feeding the diet and call our clinic for assistance. For more information from Hill’s you can visit the website by clicking the button below:

Recall A.jpg
Recal A2.jpg

Appendix B lists the diets that were voluntarily recalled but do not pose a safety concern for pets. These diets had levels of Vitamin D that did not meet the product specifications. We also recommend returning or exchanging these diets.

Recall B.jpg